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Project Pivot

Project Pivot is the newest youth performance ensemble in South Lake Tahoe. Project Pivot’s core mission is the education and empowerment of our youth through performing arts. We strive to offer unique educational and performance opportunities  while inspiring, not only our students, but also the community to pivot the trend of shrinking arts education both in and out of school. 

While the curriculum focus is on technical dance styles including tap, ballet, contemporary, hip hop and musical theatre,  the Project Pivot experience promotes passion and risk taking while providing a solid foundation for any young person, whether their future includes a career as a performer or not.

Dance Group Shots-58.jpg

Enthusiastic mature dancers ages 7-18 who are passionate about improving, performing and experiencing a more intensive training experience are invited to join Project Pivot. Depending on age, dancers will spend 2-6 hours training for special events and self produced performances throughout our community. 

Dancers will be expected to commit to 2-3 days of rehearsals with mandatory attendance expectations in addition to any required Studio classes * 

Primary Pivot 7-10 years old

1-2X weekly rehearsal 


Junior Pivot 11-13

2x weekly rehearsal 


Senior Pivot 14+

2-3x weekly Rehearsals

*Combo, Contemporary

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